A Cause for Celebration!


Cannabis is something of an anomaly. With legality and the great leaps in progress that we’ve been making, it is important to remember our place when it comes to our beloved, yet still, highly controversial plant. Our place is a small one but one that is quickly gaining more and more foothold with each passing day. That alone is due cause for a small celebration. It is also with a great level of celebration that we make our inaugural post here on our blog! And what better a strain to celebrate with than our Carnivale?

         First, it is with immense honour to announce that our cut of the Carnivale took 4th place for Sativas at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver! Now, one must keep in mind that although Carnivale is known as Rio De Janeiro’s largest annual all-around get down, there was a huge reason for such a monument of a festival : They were and are purging themselves of all temptation as they prepare for the Christian tradition of Lent. Lent takes place during the 6 weeks leading up to Easter where people may fast from certain foods, drink, sex, etc. until the self denial replicates Jesus’ fast in the mind’s eye. A strain like the Carnivale just makes sense after one simply looks backward into history.

         An absolute celebration of the senses, Carnivale is a strain for the masses. Blended from land race sativas (Mexican x Thai x Columbian x Indian), this strain is nothing short of stimulating! The aroma is absolutely cherries and cream yogurt and like the rest of our menu boasts, this one also tastes like it smells. The buzz is long lasting and only subtly begins to fade towards the end. Regarded to be a boutique strain, this one one isn’t to be overlooked. Also mellow enough to not bring on any unwanted anxiety. It is the perfect strain for all of life’s festivities.

          So, although there are plenty of reasons to celebrate we should always remember that we have a lot of work left to do. Here, in Colorado, we enjoy levels of personal freedoms that will win you multiple felonies just across state lines. There are still people rotting away in cells for insane amounts of time because they happened to be in possession of the plant we so often take for granted. We need to be the change that we want to see. With every celebration we need to remember that there are those who cannot celebrate with us and share in our joy. So we celebrate for those that cannot. We celebrate for those for fought with their lives and gave often that, if not their life’s freedoms, just so we can legally write about what we do in a public forum. We have a lot to be grateful for. C’mon. Even the world’s largest party was for a much greater cause at the end of the day. So when you do, appreciate it as if you’ve just wandered out of exile and, maybe, appreciate it with some Carnivale.


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