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Our quality of bud is consistent, potent, and varied in cannabinoids, to meet your needs. We have a broad selection of cannabis infused products ranging from edibles, to topicals and homeopathics. Our bud tenders are more than over qualified to help rectify any quest for knowledge you may have, so stop in and check us out, we’re more than happy to help in any way we can!





Quality Anyone Can Stand Behind

Quality with a
Mean Backbeat

We love versatility here, and show it by our many different growing techniques, strain variations, and our different amenities in the shop. Even though we strive for variation, we are able to consistently sustain the quality of our bud and products with the help of our bud tenders and their knowledge.


The Proof is in the Pre-Roll


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We have the most recent issues of Culture, The Hemp Connoisseur, and various other magazines to provide you with current products, information. We also have a very knowledgable staff that study vasts amount of the industry and it’s products. It’s their job and they are happy to do it.


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